فن محوری - axial fan

Axial fan

Axial fan is technically said to have an airflow that is essentially parallel to the impeller axis.

The efficiency of such fans is about 70 to 80% and in some special designs it can even reach 90%. Axial fans, as their name implies, move the gas flow in the direction of the fan shaft or shaft.

The gas (usually air) is pressurized by the aerodynamic effect created by the fan blades (much like an aircraft wing or propeller ship).

Although this type of fan can sometimes be used as an alternative to centrifugal fans, it is most often used in applications involving clean air, low pressure, and high volume.

Axial fans have less rotational mass and are smaller in volume compared to centrifugal fans of similar capacity.

In addition, axial fans usually require higher rotational speeds and are somewhat noisier than centrifugal fans.

Author : Company Payesh Farayand Daghigh Azmon