centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan

Fans provide the energy needed to move air through ducts, hoods and control equipment. Types of fans increase the total pressure by moving the air to overcome the pressure drop created by the air flow inside the control equipment and ducts.

There are different types of fans that are designed and manufactured by the experts and the technical team of this company. This category is based on the path that the gas takes in the fan.

A centrifugal fan or centrifuge is a technique in which a stream of gas is moved by a centrifugal force.

Centrifugal or centrifugal fans discharge air in a direction perpendicular to the impeller axis.

As a general rule, this type of fan is used in high pressure ducted systems.

The inlet air enters the fan parallel to the axis of rotation of the impeller and moves radially towards the impeller and the tip of the bulbs.

Simultaneously with this movement, the air stream receives a certain amount of kinetic energy, which increases the static pressure as the airflow slows down before entering the evacuation path.

Centrifugal fans are capable of operating in places where the air flow is dirty and has impurities or high temperatures.

But the most important feature of these fans is their ability to overcome high static pressure drop in ducted systems.


Centrifugal fans are divided into three categories according to the type of impeller used in them:

Centrifugal fans with forward bending impeller (forward):

In this type of blades, it is forward and in the direction of rotation of the impeller. It has more blades than radially bent and radial impellers.

The actual power in these fans is higher than the calculated power for the fan due to its impeller structure.

Fans with this type of impeller are mostly used in air conditioning and ventilation industries in buildings and office and residential towers (which have clean air).

Centrifugal fans with backward bending impeller (backward):

The efficiency of these fans is higher than that of fans with forward bending impeller and has less noise, in which the actual power is approximately equal to the computational power.

The blades in this type are backward and in the opposite direction of rotation of the impeller.

Centrifugal fans with radial impeller (radial):

These types of fans have the lowest efficiency compared to the types of fans mentioned above, but they are more used for dirty air and material transfer.

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