dust collection system

Introduction of industrial dust collection system

Bag filter system (industrial dust collector) is made of a metal chamber that is designed with continuous and automatic operation to clean polluted air.

Contaminated air enters through a collector in the center or bottom of the body and then passes through filters.

The cleaning process is performed automatically through compressed air pulses, which is controlled by a PLC program.

Compressed air is stored in a tank that is installed at the top of the filter chamber. There is a tube on top of each row of bags.

There are holes for air to pass centrally along the tube so that there is a hole at the top of each bag through which compressed air is injected.

This will clear a row of bags.

These types of filters are used for particles with a diameter of about one micron and if designed properly, they will have a refining efficiency of 95%.

Special and differentiating technologies and knowledge for designing and building this system include:
Determining the amount of basic and important parameters of proper suction flow, location and type of hood appropriate to working conditions, fluid design and sizing of equipment, preparation of construction and asphalt drawings with Katia, SolidWorks and Inventor software, preparation of extensive drawings with AutoCAD software, program Writing is plc and..

Although the precise mechanical design of a fabric filter (bag filter) is done by the manufacturers, the pollution control engineer must be fully familiar with the theoretical and practical principles of the fabric filter in the process design.

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