dust collector

The installation of an efficient dust collecting system, whether for a small workshop or a large plant, should become a priority, whether it is a woodworking machine, plastic or composite material, or a material derived from the casting of metals.

Not only is it essential for health reasons and compliance with a variety of national and local standards, it can lead to business productivity, as it saves costs and helps maintain the quality of the final product.

Industrial dust collector equipment is a collection of machines used to isolate pollutant particles from the work environment and retrieve valuable products. Dust collectors, in addition to increasing the air quality of the plant, prevent loss of product.

The need to use a dripping unit in most factories is such that the absence of such a system in the production line is unlikely. Therefore, due to the necessity and the need of the industry for this product, the authorities, experts and technical team of this company have decided to design and manufacture this equipment to estimate the needs of industries.

Dustbinders are widely used in various industries, including the production of wood products, metalworking processes and melting plants, and can be divided into five main groups:

۱- bag dust collectors or bag houses
2-detergent dispensers or scrubbers
3 – Dust collector using a reverser or return air

  1. Industrial dust collectors and cyclones
  2. Combined dusts

Here are two more commonly used and more practical examples.

Bag Filter: Bag Bag or Baghouse is a kind of pollution control device that collects particles from air or gases released in commercial or industrial processes. Includes a chest with a number of hanging bags attached to holders called Cage. By passing gas containing dust from the inlet valve and moving towards the outlet of the filter, there is dust on the outer surface of the bags. Then, at the specified time, applying the air pulse, the dust on the bag is shaken and poured into the bottom hopper of the filter. In this way, the dust is removed from the gas.

These types of filters have high droplet efficiency, which, according to the type of dust, have a yield of 6696%. The factor that limits its use is the temperature of the gas entering it, with new advances in the production of bag fiber, the scope of which has become widespread. With new textile artifacts, bags can withstand temperatures above 111 ° C.

The type of mist-duster system drives industries to use pulsed dampening systems. In this type of filter bag, pulsed compressed air is injected over a short period of time in garbage bags.

Pulse jet filters mainly have six main parts:

-Docta inlet and gas inlet compartment with dust filter with filter
-Filter filter bags
Grid Page
-Blower bags to bags

  • Discharged gas duct and duct

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