industrial dust filter

Advantages and disadvantages of filter bags

An industrial dust filter system has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the industrial dust collection system (bag filter) include the following:

۱- Their separation efficiency is very high even for very small particles.

۲- They are able to separate different types of particles

۳٫ Filter bags cover a wide range of fluid volume flow rates.

۴- It causes very little pressure drop.

Disadvantages of bag filter (dust collector or fabric filter system):

۱٫ Corrosive materials and high temperatures may damage the fabric.

۲- They have fire and ignition capability.

In most cases, the advantages of the bag filter (industrial dust collector) outweigh its disadvantages. Since about 1970, in the industrial gas purification markets, the demand for fabric filter systems has increased from 25 to 30 percent to about 50 percent. In most countries, the use of bag filters (industrial dust collectors) in power plants for particle separation has been significantly accepted and preferred.

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